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When did you join fiverr? When did you receive your first order?


I’m relatively new to fiverr. I joined February 2nd of this year.
For my first order, It came in March, however the buyer never filled out requirements. Not even to this day. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::woman_shrugging:
The first time I had an order that was completed was the beginning of June, so it took about 4 months for me.
So then my fiverr journey began and ever since then, I’ve been getting orders in. :slight_smile:


I joined Fiverr over three years ago. I’ve completed a few thousand orders since then, but, if I remember correctly, my first order came rather quickly – probably within the first week.

Everyone’s Fiverr experience is different. Try not to compare your success to the individual successes of everyone else. Doing so is not going to help YOU be a better seller. Focus on what you do best, and build YOUR unique success as you grow and improve.


Joined March the 21st 2013, first order came same day, I was really lucky because trust me when I say: I had no idea what I was doing back then! :slight_smile:


I joined on March 2010 when Fiverr was looking like a children’s playground :crazy_face: It was still in BETA stages, and I was lucky to get my first order within a few days, especially since there were a few doing what I do and the demand was out there ready to be dealt with.

After over 7 years, I can already see myself in the far feature as a grumpy old man trying to find the delivery button through his eyeglasses :smiley:


I joined in 2015
i got the first order On first day


I joined Fiverr on June 2017. Then I received my first order on July. I can’t remember when exactly on July. All I know is that it took me more than a month to receive that order. :sweat_smile: Yes, I was very sad when it took a long time for me to get a sale.

But I keep moving forward by submitting custom offers in the Buyers Request. I think another reason why it took a long time for me to get a sale is because I didn’t apply everything that I learned in the Fiverr Academy. :rofl:


It’s not so bad, we’ll welcome you when you get here.


Wow you got in when it was new! I came here in December 2012 and remember it was just a list of gigs. And I could get the guy in customer service, Mark, to temporarily set my gigs in a better position just by asking him to sometimes!


Account created in 2012 just looked around without any actions.
Real activated in 2016.09.
First order around 2016 Oct or Nov.


I joined in May 2016. Created gigs, gig images, wrote descriptions and waited (did not know about the Academy or Forum). Came to know about the Forum and buyer requests in July.

Got my 1st order on July 5, 2016 (2 months after creating the account and being active on Fiverr).


I began putting real effort into Fiverr about three weeks ago, and I’ve been able to rise to a Level One seller. I’ll keep pressing on towards a higher level; but, I’m happy with where I’m at right now! :slight_smile:


I just started my journey on Fiverr. Created already four gigs with no sale. I believe never to give up, I’ll continue my efforts. Hopefully, I’ll get some orders soon.


Exactly :grin: When the orders got low, I simply asked CS what’s wrong and they were all like “All seems fine, but I’ve moved your gig to the top so we can see if it puts you back on track” :smiley: And BAM, orders started coming in!


I Joined on 9th August, 2011.

I got my first order on 12th August.

Those were the golden and most memorable days in my life.


I remember this so vividly in 2013. I would joke back and forth with CS. I also remember the conventional idea being that more than two gigs had a negative effect.


I received an order my first day. Then within a couple of days of delivering that, 5-6 orders per day. Went up from there. Then went down. Then went up. Then back down again.


Can I still do thus now?


Around the start of 2015 and got first order about 6 month after, although i signed up not expecting much and didnt work on it all that much but then started treating it more like a business!


You can’t. CS will now tell you that they cannot do such a thing and they cannot disclose how the algorithm works.


That was soo good for seller’s morale, to have that kind of help when we needed it.

There were a few times when they did that just for an hour or two and I would get ten big orders all at once then they would shut it off again.