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When did you stop caring about a 5-star?


[details=My Optional Story]I recently came across a “meanie” who ordered a whiteboard video with subtitles.
He changed the script thrice after I delivered the video.
I changed it all the three times and delivered the video stating that further changes would cost him.
He vanished for 5 days and came back with a statement that I did a great job but how he created a “blunder”.
He, again, made a “small” mistake with his logo and company name and was not impressed with the voice(which incidentally was his own)
He asked me to make the change for free and remove the voice as well.
I asked him to pay the revision to which he, reluctantly, agreed.
He accepted my custom order and put a 4.7 on the first order. It hurt a little as it was my first less than 5 and how I paid for his mistakes.
But it has made me stronger as this was the first time I, finally, spoke for myself. I asked for extras for their mistakes.

A 5-star is still encouraging but self-respect costs more. :)[/details]

This question is to all the Fiverr seniors. What was that moment, review or experience that made you less caring about a review especially a 5-star?


I never cared about reviews or money for that matter. Just did my best work and forgot all about it. I appreciate positive reviews, but don’t lose my sleep over possible negative reviews. As long as I know I have done my best, that’s all there is to it. There have been occasions when I was not able to do my best, for various reasons, those were the only times I was anxious. But that has happened for less than 10 out of my 3000 plus orders. But to add to that…I have had some heartfelt reviews from some of my best buyers, and they are a validation of what I do here. I feel very grateful when I receive them.


After the first 50 or so reviews, no individual review is actually important. Sure, if you get 5 in a row that are bad then it could be a problem but aside from that it isnt actually a big deal.
I wish reviews included the value of a sale or some sort of guideline that it was a big order. Getting 5 stars for a $500 order is much more of an endorsement (and vice versa) than a $5 order yet here there is no difference. Both my 3 star reviews were $5 orders and I wish they could have been marked as such.


OP, you are an Indian and a Hindu, you should know about what the Bhagwad Gita says, “Do your duty, without expectation of reward or fear of failure”. Just march on.


I stopped caring about 4-4.5 star reviews when I realized everyone gets them, and maintaining a 100% review isn’t attainable when a person is dealing with thousands of sales.

In regard to 1-star reviews, I’ve realized that negative reviews don’t have an impact on sales whatsoever when you have a solid reputation and samples to back up quality. It breaks my heart when customers aren’t satisfied, but at least fiverr gives sellers the opportunity to explain themselves in the response. Most of my one-star reviews aren’t coherent anyway.


Hi, I think you were among the Fiverr sellers I studied before joining this platform. It’s great that you are still here and doing great. Hope you stick around here on the forum :slight_smile:


I’m approaching 5 years in May. My services have changed tremendously since 2012 but Fiverr has been a really great platform. I lurk around the forum a lot but think I’m going to start posting more if I can help in some way :slight_smile:


Yes, when I was doing my research on Fiverr, wondering if I should be joining it, in 2014, you were everywhere on the site. You were (and still are, I suppose) one of the most popular sellers then.


Don’t care about 5 Stars, But do care for 1-2 star :slight_smile: If you stop thinking about Quality of service you’ll lose eventually no matter how great you were in time.

So don’t be greedy or careless, Just focus and enjoy your working thats what it takes to make you a Great seller here


Something like that would be interesting. Maybe they shouldn’t be marked as such, but just have a lower weight in the average.

I’ve also been thinking that more recent reviews should have a higher weight in the average. There are people that have thousands of sales and a five star rating. If they would suddenly start delivering bad quality for some reason, you would want to show that more clearly. On the other hand, if you are beginning a bit clumsy with dealing with buyers and you get a bad review for that, it shouldn’t weigh on your average anymore when you’re fifty reviews further.


I don’t think myself a senior but anways…
After my overall rating dropped below 5 stars and again increased to 5 stars 2-3 times I cared less for the ratings I receive and started concentrating just on my work quality. :slight_smile:


The main motive behind this question is that despite providing some extras for free. Some buyers treat sellers badly. If you read between the lines, my question is How long will you suffered for a 5-star?
Some sellers want everything at $5 because it is 5rr after all.


Some buyers are bad people, some sellers are bad people, BUT, thankfully the majority of Fiverr users are nice people who aren’t out to scam or be scammed.

Treat everybody the way you’d like to be treated, and let CS deal with the baddies - don’t get stressed about it - life’s too short!


I have received just 1 review 3.5 star and I still remember that day. I was so upset. But then its life. I realized its really really hard to maintain 5 stars. As offlinehelpers said, some people are good some are bad, and you cant do anything about them. So do your best and dont bother about the rest.
By the way I am not a senior. :stuck_out_tongue:


I try to follow the same but what really hurt me here is I went step ahead to ensure high quality error free video to him but he kept on making “mistakes” with his script and then rated me less for “service as described”.
The funny part was how he changed his color after realizing that he will, finally, have to pay extra for his blunders.

He changed his company name thrice. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sometimes buyers here are new and not sure about what they want, I am using fiverr since 2012 i am not a Great seller here but i know much about buyers because i was a buyer before, Some people are so confused infact i will never forget the sale where i gave 30+ revisions for a guy each one with a new concept (Logo) that too for $5, I went beyond 5 stars i just wanted to make him happy because he was criticising my abilities in very mannerd way, So i thought i can do it and i eventually got 5 stars, Order completed 5 days after. But if you have bad case of confused buyer you shouldn’t continue working for him, Its easy to point out confused one, He keeps changing his thoughts by saying “Can we try something else? or some other thing?”


I’m not a senior. I’m new to fiverr (very new, in fact). So, yeah, I still care a lot about my 5-star rating. Once had a repeat buyer give me a 4.7-star rating (fat fingers, maybe), but I didn’t bother to ask for a change. He has always given me 5 stars before and after that. Meanwhile, my rating is still 100%.

So, as much as I care about it for the progress of my business, I trust the quality of my work enough to not worry about it too much. I’ve only been really scared about an average rating once in my close to 50 orders now. Maybe, just maybe all that would change when I become a senior? I’ll see…


Don’t care about rating, just focus my best work. Good work always deserve 5 star.


I just bite their head off these days with a spicy imgur review that demonstrates why I’m right and they’re wrong.

It’s fun, because one day someone will want to retaliate with a new bad review, and they’ll need my permission! Plus I’ll be able to cherrypick some fun parts of TOS and be a regular lemon about it.


I care about getting 5-stars still.