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When did you win 1k on fiverr ? Please reply


I am curious about when you reached that 1k limit , it was after 3 months ?4 months ? 1 year ?
I like to talk about money haha and music and make friends :smiley:
I hope you will find this cool .


You don’t “win money” on Fiverr. You work hard to earn it.


Win??? Its not a contest. Its EARNED.

Sorry but NO.



I was a seller on fiverr and I made this new account 2 months ago.I made more then I thought I would do.
I wanted to know if people were as lucky as me .I worked really hard , I didn’t ‘win anything’.You’re attitude is not cool.
I never said who won money on fiverr, cause that is stupid.


I don’t get it …:grin:


But… your thread title is ‘When did you win 1k on fiverr ? Please reply’

Would you like me to change your thread title for you?


When did you win 1k on fiverr ? Please reply




But he didnt say who win it. He said who win it but he didnt mean to say who win it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think possible win and earn have been confused, but it’s rude to discuss money anyway.


I see you all missed Fiverr’s new ad campaign:


Yes, I wanted to say earn…god d*mn it.


Not a problem - it all makes sense now!


I love this forum.You’ve all been so supportive and I am sorry if I offended you in any way.


You made me laugh for the first time today— you win $1000!


No offence taken - I should have realised gagner to earn or to win from my school French.


what winning ?It was a mistake :):slight_smile: I wanted to say earn :)))


Ok then you EARNED it! :slight_smile:


Yeah I did :)) haha



No offense