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When do i get my level 2 badge?


I have a confusion and i don’t think i should disturb the customer support team for it .

I have created 51 orders till date in 45 days since i joined fiverr and i have successfully completed 47 of them with 99% positive reviews , 2 were cancelled and 2 are active to be completed . So when will i get my level 2 badge ? Do cancelled orders join in the que of the orders we have created and do we need to complete all 50 orders to get the badge or just having created orders enough ? Please help me .



i think u have to complete 50 orders


You need to complete at least 50 orders, and to be on Fiverr for at least 2 months.


Reply to @mjgenius: Yeah i too think the same , hope to get one more order today and i will deliver all of them as soon as poosible and get my level 2 badge :slight_smile:


Reply to @catwriter: But the Analytics page shows that to be level 2 seller we just need to create 50 orders within two months , i don’t think if i have completed 50 orders before 2 months , i will have to wait for the month to complete ?


Reply to @sunshy1: You’ll have to wait for the month to complete, unless they’ve changed it since I became a level 2 seller a few months ago.


Reply to @catwriter: Oh , so more 15 days to be a level 2 seller ! , i hope getting that badge increase the sales .


Reply to @sunshy1: Some sellers report a drop in sales after getting the promotion. There’s no rule, though. Best of luck!


Reply to @catwriter: Thanks :slight_smile: