When do i get paid from a buyer from buyers request?


Hi I am new to fiverr, i used buyer request to send an offer, the guy told in a message that i got hired for thr job. The problem is i see any notification in my selling > orders page. Also how does he pay me ?


If he order your gig. you will get notification. And from the order page you could see delivery time of gig. After deliver your gig & If your buyer accept the delivery then you will get paid.


Thanks for your replay, i get from your reply that to be officially hired he has to order my gig, correct? Also i shouldn’t send him the work i have done until he hires me ? Because i have finished some of the requested job and reported back to him.


Spot on - please don’t send anything via message. Only start on a gig when it’s been ordered and deliver it all on the order page.


Thanks for your replay, I already sent him some stuff that i worked on, but after reading your message i requested from him that he would officially order my gig. I hope he would respond to my request.


Fingers crossed it works out for you! :crossed_fingers:


Thank you :slight_smile: