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When do orders complete? Is it 22 days from delivery to leave a review?

I always thought that orders auto completed in 3 days. It looks like they now complete in ten days. Can anyone confirm this?

And after that ten days auto complete period, buyers have an additional ten days to leave a review. So it appears it is now 22 days from the day the order is delivered for a buyer to leave a review.

Is this how it works?


I don’t believe so the auto-complete has changed. An order I recently delievered was auto-completed in three days and the funds are currently being cleared without the buyer leaving a review.

This order was done after the new features (blind reviews) rolled in.


Mine too with no review, athough it auto-completed 12 hours later than supposed to - it should have been completed at 10pm local time and it did at 10am (don’t really understand why :smirk:)

Regarding the time buyers have to leave their review, I have no clue. If they do have an extension period, I think I’m going to stress out :worried:

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I believe the buyers can leave a review for like whenever they want too. I made a recent purchase here and I didn’t mark the order complete, it was completed after 3 days automatically and I still had the option to leave a review after the order was completed.

How do we know the day an order completes? Is it marked anywhere?

I delivered an order on September 12.

It then appeared on my “funds cleared” ten days later, September 22.

So, today I felt relieved for not having to think on my review to my buyer as he left none. Now I’m stressed again… :worried: :cry:

This blind system is driving me crazy, I still haven’t decided what I’ll be doing :frowning_face:

You get notified by Fiverr

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Orders are still being marked as complete after 3 days. I had some that were a bit delayed a few hours.
With the new system the buyers will have 10 days to leave a review.

If you have an order that doesn’t complete it might be a technical glitch.


I don’t get any notification of an order completing unless the buyer marks it complete.

Does the buyer have ten days from the day of delivery? Or from the day of completion?

So far it sounds like when our funds clear as a TRS after ten days that is the final day they can leave a review?

Might be a glitch then. You could report it to CS. They pop up in the notification box.

It should be 10 days from the day they get marked as complete.

  • The buyer has 10 days to leave reviews once the order is marked as complete.

So they have 13 days to leave a review if the 3 days completion period is included.

Are people still getting reviews on older orders that completed back in mid September?

Customer service is unaware of this change. I posed this question to them and was told they have 30 days.

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That’s a good question. Maybe. All I know is that the new feature is still being rolled out.

Edit to add: Here is the post again. (It will be 10 days after completion;)


I only get auto-complete notifications in my mobile app so I’m not really sure about the web. If you have the mobile app, a notification ‘(username) order was automatically marked as complete’ will appear after three days.

As for reviews, I wouldn’t really worry about them if the buyer hasn’t left them in 1-3 days of the order completion. He/she isn’t probably going to leave a review if he hasn’t done in the first few days. Just my view :woman_shrugging:t2: I have had a few buyers who weren’t interested in leaving a review, they just wanted the job done. So after three days, if you hear no response, it’s safe!


No I don’t worry about them. I just would like to know how this works.

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Do Top Rated sellers get funds cleared in 7 days instead of 14? My guess is, the order got marked complete automatically after 3 days and funds cleared 7 days later. So total 10 days.

So if it completes in 3 days, then they actually have 13 days to leave a review.
If they mark it complete in 2 days, they have 12 days.
If they mark it complete in 1 day, they have 11 days to leave a review.

Some accounts now have the option of not auto completing orders, after the 3 days it is supposed to auto complete, you notify the buyer to mark it as completed or you mark it yourself.
I think that was what happened to you. If you don’t take any action when Fiverr notifies you of it, it will remain like that till you take an action to complete the order. My account is among those in this category, it just started recently and I think it’s a few account that does like that.

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My orders do not seem to complete, or at least I get no notice of that at all. I’ve never had an option to mark any complete myself.

It always appears on the particular order when you view it on desktop version. From your manage sales page, you click on the delivered tab, all your delivered orders that haven’t been marked as completed will be there. Then click on the ones that the 3 days for auto completing has passed, you will see a notification at the top of the page to complete the order.
I have been doing this for sometime now. I think you’re in that category.

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