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When do we see our rating in the job + newbie

Newbir here. I want to know when do we see our ratings. I deliverd my first order yesterday and I don’t see any ratings:neutral_face: as a newbie my deliver completed in three days I think. when do they rate? after deliver? complete order? and when do we see them?

The buyer has 30 days after delivery to leave feedback. :sunny:


First your buyer needs to accept your delivery. They have up to 3 days to request a revision.
Once they accept it, they have 30 days to leave a feedback as @offlinehelpers explained.
When feedback is submitted, you will see it instantly under your gig. You’ll even get an email about it.

Based on your post I’d say your buyer hasn’t even accepted the order yet.


Thanks @offlinehelpers, I think you are right @uxreview. I don’t know weather buyer accepts or not how do I clarify that?

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If you open the order details you will see if the buyer has accepted it or not.
Check if the order is completed or delivered.


Status says deliverd, that’s mean buyer accepts the order. right?

Not quite - the order will be completed 3 days after your delivery or when the buyer accepts it.

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:expressionless: k Thanks for the info people.

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