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When Do You Act as a Buyer?


I have two orders with sellers here. One is due today and the other due tomorrow. Because of the nature of the job, a submission via the “delivery” tab is not required. I’ve contacted both since I hired them 3-4 days ago with regards to the gigs and how to inform me when they have completed the gig so I can then go and verify that it’s done. One has responded that she will do so today, the other has come online several times over the past days but have not responded any at all to any of my messages. My questions are:

  1. What happens on the day the work is due and the seller has not submitted the work?

  2. Do I get to cancel for failure to do the task?

  3. Should I just wait for the time to lapse and then cancel the request if that is the case?

I’m concerned that it’s the due date and still no response and wondering what my viable


Fiverr will automatically give you the option to cancel once the order is 24 hours late.

  1. If the seller has not submitted the work by the due date/time, the clock will give them approximately another 24 hours. At that point, if they still have not delivered, you will have the option to cancel the gig. You will get a refund in as a credit balance. It will NOT be credited back to your card or PayPal.

  2. If you cancel, after 24 hours, for failure to deliver, the system will generate an automatic “Fail to Deliver” One :star: on their profile.

  3. Some heavy volume sellers maybe online but do not necessarily have time to answer all inquiries. It’s likely they will deliver on time. I’ve had very few sellers who failed to deliver.

Lack of communication varies from seller to seller. Those that communicate well and deliver top work, get the reviews that match.

Good luck/Gina


Okay thanks. I’ll wait and see what happens.