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When do you expect a tip?

Hi everyone, this post is about when would you expect the buyer to tip you?

I usually expect them to tip me in the following cases:

  • When I deliver the order, the buyer messes up on something and then I go the extra mile to help them out.

  • When the buyer requests a lot of revisions or changes here and there and I do them.

When do you guys?Let me know below! :slight_smile:


Never. I love being surprised.


Never - a tip is a gratefully accepted extra, not an expectation.

You offer unlimited modifications - that’s probably why you’re getting a number of requests for changes. :sunny:


If you read my post,in the first point,I’ve mentioned about when the buyer
messes up so when its not the seller’s fault,I think the buyer should give
a tip,not necessary though.

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No - messing up is human nature! I know I’ve made plenty of mistakes - a simple please and thank you go a long way with me - I’m happy with that! :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too but sometimes like when I’m giving super energy,it comes as a thought that I deserved this. :wink:

Even worse,after extra help if the buyer doesn’t give a review,atleast we all deserve that.

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Think you might need to lower your expectations! :wink:

As I say, if I get a ‘thank you’ I’m happy, a review is wonderful, and a tip feels like Christmas come early! :slightly_smiling_face:

All we’re here for is the money, let’s be honest - anything else is a bonus! :slightly_smiling_face:


Getting a review is not high expectations,getting a tip is so I’m not really in line for the tip but yes for the review.

Lol. You get a tip when you meet nice buyers. My first ever buyer gave me a tip and I guess it is because I did a good job and quickly. I completed it within 24 hours instead of two days.
There was also this buyer who gave me a tough time. She requested for seven revisions. I was frustrated but in the end, she paid well and added a tip.
There is also this nice buyer who gives a tip for every order. It’s by luck.


I have delivered sometimes in 30 minutes.Its the buyer that matters as you said,whether good or bad.

Exactly. There are good buyers and there are good buyers


I don’t ever expect tipping. When it happens, I am always cool with the extra but I suppose there are some buyers who seem to be asking for things that are a bit outside of your typical gigs and want things done quickly or revised a number of times and those are often the ones who do.


Never. I just do the job, expect to be payed exactly how much they payed and if they wish to give a tip then I would be more than happy to receive it. That means that they enjoyed working with me.


When I click on this link


Well I wasn’t expecting a tip at all when I was working on one order but somehow the buyer tipped me and literally it made me very happy. I delivered in less than 7 hours I think and did exactly what he asked :slight_smile:

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client satisfaction is the main thing.


I never expect a tip.

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Everyone,it was nice knowing that you hold client satisfaction first and don’t expect too much than the given,impressed. :slight_smile:

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:grin:I got a few times tip already when buyer enjoy my work very much . And I lile that too . :blush:

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