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When do you usually transfer funds?


I want to save my earnings and I’m not planning to spend any of it anytime soon.

What’s the largest number you reach before cashing out?

I would appreciate your thoughts.


Have just spent one month and make $100+ is this encouraging for a new member


Damn, lol, I’ve got like $24 and I plan on cashing out as soon as it’s available.


Fiverr is not as safe as Paypal and banking websites, so I also never let more than $500 sit in my account. I generally withdraw once a week, actually. If you want to save the money, save it in your Paypal account, which is very secure, or transfer it to an online bank account.


I hope you have withdrawn your funds as soon as you’ve announced on the forum that you’ve got 4 figures in your account. Just in case. :slight_smile:


Like others said, the amount of people who have been hacked and their accounts cleared have made me believe that Fiverr isn’t as safe as I’d prefer, so I usually withdraw my funds 2 or 3 times per month and never let large sums hang around very long.

However, regardless of how secure Fiverr is (or isn’t), your funds don’t earn interest if they stay on Fiverr! From a money management perspective, I suggest moving funds into a savings account or CD. That way, you’re putting your earnings away until you need them and they’re earning interest in the meantime!


I agree, I have only needed to withdraw a couple of times but I bearing mind the fee and don’t like to have more than $200 in my cleared funds so I transfer it to paypal then


Reply to @kjblynx: That sounds like a great idea, thanks!


Reply to @seo_mariette: Yes that’s really good for the first month! I made $20 on my first month lol


Reply to @catwriter: lol I sure did!