When does an order mark as complete when you delivery very early?


I have a customer who ordered a gig then asked to pause because he had an issue with the product. I extended the deadline as far as I could because he did not know when his issue would resolve. After about a week, he said that he was ready to proceed and I completed the work and delivered last Sunday (today is Thursday). The order did not mark as complete so I am wondering if it will wait until three days after the actual deadline, which is closer to the end of the month.

I’m curious also because now that I completed all of the work he asked for and he has the delivery, he is asking to cancel. I’m a little frustrated because I’ve done everything he asked and he has a useable product. Since the order did not automatically mark as complete after three days will it be easier for him to cancel?


If the order auto-completes after 3 days, the buyer would have to initiate the cancellation by contacting CS.