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When does fiverr support work? +more questions


I’m curious when the fiverr support team operates.
Also, are there any fiverr support team members that I can contact via message/forum?


you can contact them anytime. i’ve received all of my replies within 12 hours, from whenever i mailed them.

another tip is, after you mail them, tweet the ticket number to the twitter page fiverrsupport (verified page). you’ll get a faster response in this way.


On when: I’ve never seen it officially publicized. I’ve received ticket replies at all hours, so perhaps they work in shifts for more coverage. Weekends and holidays seem slower in my experience.

There are Support Team members with forum accounts. The appear to lurk, not respond. I think contacting staff via PM would be poor etiquette and most would consider it spamming.


I’m not sure on that. Hugo doesn’t seem to reply to me…I hope my 300 dollars aren’t going down the drain.
Guess my savings are going to the rent for now :frowning:


Try to contact them on twitter @FiverrSupport. They reply fast on twitter.


Thanks for the tip mate!


you’re welcome :slight_smile:


It’s my first time on twitter, should I comment on one of their posts or should I send a ‘tweet’ to them?


Hugo is just a Customer Support person, so harassing him will just get you blocked if you aren’t careful. He has referred the issue to Trust and Safety and they generally require more time. Those repeated “pokes” at the CS agent can really get you shut down fast. Use caution and good luck, you may need it.


Tweet them and always be polite with customer support.


Well…he could have at least replied. I know that he’s busy and all, but he could have at least replied…that’s just what I think. Rent day is coming up and if I can’t pay up, I’m going to the streets so I don’t really have the most time in the world. Still, thanks for the tip!


Hey fiverr! Love that you’re helping us sellers out. Seems to be a delay in my case, can you look into it?
Username is royjuiten (And add pictures)
Think this is good for you?


I understand, but the issue isn’t really the fault of the Customer Support agent. He did say in his first response that he had referred it to another department, that it could take a while, and that he would update you when there was news. There wasn’t anything else to say. They get thousands of tickets, so they can’t just chat. Anyway, I’m not here for anything but to let you know that you’re on dangerous ground. You could lose your entire account and if it’s been helping you pay rent, it seems like you wouldn’t want that. That’s all I’ve got, I’m out. :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what you said here. I can’t help you. I’m a forum moderator and seller, not Fiverr.


No, i’m going to tweet this to fiverrsupport, as jus_designz said


I see, you responded to my post instead. Be sure to include your ticket number. :bulb:


Thanks for the tips you gave me!