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When does Fiverr takes 20%?

I thought I already published a topic here but I can’t find it… Can anybody answer me please because I am very confused:
When I finish an order and get paid lets say it was $100 and I get the message where it says “you just earned $80”…So I thought that was when the fee was applied and the money I see on my earnings is already the money I will withdrawal completely?

Can anybody help me with understanding how this works? Thank you so much.


It is explained here:

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Thanks. But it says as if when I look at my earnings it is the total I will withdrawal because the 20% was taken right when the buyer pays…

But when I withdrawal my money is dropping that is why I question

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You’re overthinking things! It’s very basic. Fiverr take 20% of the order value.

When you click on the ‘earnings’ tab on your seller profile - this shows the amount after Fiverr take commission.

Therefore that’s the amount you have actually earned and can withdraw.


I think from her next post is that she lost some money extra due to bank fees.

Fiverr gives you 80% of your earnings. Depending on what option you select for withdrawal that sum can be decreased depending on the service you are using, banks charge for the transaction, so you have to look in your country Paypal, Payoneer which one will have lowest transaction fee.

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That must be it! I did PayPal before but now I will try Payoneer and see if I can get all of the money or at least a little bit more to what is expected.

Thank you so much!

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Fiverr takes a 20% commission. The rest of the amount you can withdraw! Simple is that :slight_smile:

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I just explained in my previous post that this is not true?

Bank transfer fee. Currency change fee. She is asking about the end money she gets, not the money for withdrawal.