When does my account get updated?



I’ve been wondering, when does my account get updated to the Level 1? I have over 70 orders created, 100% feedback, and I’ve been on Fiverr for 31 days now. Also, do I get promoted to a Level 2 straight away or do I have to wait 1 more month?



Hi, I’m surprised you haven’t already had confirmation of your upgraded status. I’m level one right now but was told straight away on qualification. If I were you I’d contact customer support. The contact information is listed bottom right on the manage sales page.


Just be patient, you would be in 1 day.

I also have completed 20 orders with 100% positive rating but I’m only 25 days onlt on fiverr

SO have to wait to be level one :slight_smile:


For me being upgraded seemed pretty quick, if you guys are looking to reach level 2 I have a gig that promotes gigs.