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When does response rate turn from red to green?

Do you have to have 100% for a green bar? I’m at 81% and it’s still red. I get some seriously ridiculous messages that I’m not going to waste my time responding to. I have actual work to do.

I respond everything to keep it near or at 100%. Some of my responses are “Thanks, not interested.” When they write back, I delete that.

fastcopywriter said: Hi, I hear you kill animals, what do you need from me?

I wouldn’t be surprised! I worked in a hardware store for a few years. I’d be standing behind the counter, using the computer, wearing a company hat, company shirt and nametag. Several times per day customers would ask me, “Do you work here?”

Nope. This is all an elaborate ruse.

Mine was at 100% for a week or so and then slowly descended into the pits of hell. I’m raging red at seventy-some percent and have responded to each and every message. I often see “you have an unread message” on my to-do list, but when I click it I receive a snarky “nothing to see here”.

It’s maddening, I tell ya. Like some demented game of Hide & Seek.

I have a 91% and I wonder if it’s the phantom message that can’t be read. Frustrating.

jtengle said: Do you have to have 100% for a green bar?
No. I have 91% and my bar is green.

I finally just set up a quick response:


This is an automated message to say thank you for contacting me. I usually response very quickly, unless I’m sleeping, eating or going about my life. Please be patient and I’ll get back to you soon.


That leaves me the option of not responding further if it was a message from a spammer or whatever.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Is your bar green? Lol

I got a message that said “?” and responded with “!”

Reply to @jtengle: LOL, that was a smart response, I hate it when I get this:

Are you there?

Or the other one:

Hi! I hear you write brand names. What do you need from me?

I wonder if people show up at slaughterhouses and ask, “Hi, I hear you kill animals, what do you need from me?” LOL

Reply to @jtengle: Yeah, people who work in retail have amazing stories. I believe you.

Reply to @jtengle:

jtengle said: Nope. This is all an elaborate ruse.

“No, I just REALLY love the uniform.”

People are funny.

Reply to @jtengle: I like that… :slight_smile: I may have to implement something similar.