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When does the two months start for the 50 gigs you need for Level 2 ~~Confused~~


I had my first gig on Dec 26th. I now have 20 gigs completed as of Feb 3.

When they say for Level 2 you need “50 gigs in 2 months” when does the clock start on the 2 months?





I pondered this as it clearly states "50 orders within 2 months"

I surpassed this a while ago, and like the OP, I started late December as well. I submitted a ticket and the response from Customer service was “I must be active for a minumum 60 days to be eligible for level 2.” - So that is that.


At the time when I promoted to Level 2, the rule was that you should sell 50 gigs + you have to be a member of Fiverr for over 2 months. I don’t know for sure whether that rule is changed now, but I think it’s the same. If so, as long as you have 50 sales and having an active profile for over 2 months, you will be promoted to the next level.


Hello sir,

You are promoted to level 2 when you complete 50 gigs in 2 months.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you 3 months or 5 months but you need to have 50 orders in more than 2 months.

Let’s say you get 60 orders within the first month this doesn’t mean you will get a level 2 status.

Once the 2 month period is over you will automatically get promoted to level 2 since you have 60 orders in your account.

Hope this makes sense.

Good day


Thank you all. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I found that the wording was confusing. Mark


Reply to @ardicus: I am not much of a math person, but since you said you started in late December it seems to be it would be late February when you would hit 2 months (60 days approximate.) For example, if you started Dec. 25 then you’d have a month by Jan. 25 which would put you at level 2 around Feb. 25. Someone mathier than me is welcome to double check me, and yes I invented the word mathier! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much all! Much appreciated!


Reply to @zarafal: Thanks so much! Much appreciated