When FEATURED gig are going to be changed?


I have a question… When FEATURED gigs are going to be changed?
I mean it would be a great opportunity for new sellers to be featured by Fiverr. I’ve joined Fiverr since almost 4 months and… in my niche (Virtual Assistant) I see the same old featured gigs all the time!. When Fiverr changes them? It’s not fair guys. Everybody who has great feedback should got a chance to be featured. Not the same old gigs, same old Top rated sellers.
Just curious, does anyone knows when they change the featured gigs?..


I think the featured and the Top Rated are related. We, new fiver folks, need to be patient, diligent and consistent. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from the posts and interviews I’ve read in the past. Fiver is not a get rich quick thing, it’s a plat from that takes developing in much the same way conventional platforms do. Just stick with it, and maybe you will make it to featured status too.


Featured on the homepage is changing on monday weekly… That’s what I see the last month. But today nothing changed.



Don’t worry about the attention other sellers get. Focus on working hard – on your own – to promote your gigs. YOU are responsible for how other people see your services. Get out there and share them with others who need your skills.