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When fiverr just plain sucks - the tale of a gig gone bad

I’m a VO artist,
I advertise a gig that promises a deep British voice, perfect for trailers and epic ad campaigns etc.
I got a new purchase for 200 words and a quick delivery
when I sat down to complete the work, the word count on the script was 322.
I politely made an offer to the client to purchase the extra words.
no response
the gig deadline approaches.
no response
I swallow my pride and complete the gig complete with a note asking for a tip that might make up the balance owed.
no response.
3 days later the gig autocompletes
then 30mins after that - the client suddenly responds!
They now want it done again from scratch with a soft and emotional read.
My gig doesn’t offer that - I mean yeah I could probably do it - but this client didn’t even pay me in full the first time round and now they want me to do it again? after the gig is complete?
I reached out to fiverr support to ask for advice
they told me I should just do it (because the order included 1 revision and this counts as a revision)


That’s always the worst kind of experience to go through on here. It sucks, but sometimes you have to go through the resolution center and force cancel an order. Yeah, your rankings will take a hit for a day or two, but it’s better to do that than to go through the mental stress of someone pulling a quick one on you, or even worse leaving a bad review.

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I disagree. Cancel the order and not only does your stats take a hit but the buyer walks away with free work. That order is completed in my eyes. I offer one revision on my gig but i be damn if i’m a do a revision a week or two later when the buyer has 3 full days to request one.

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Maybe you should not add any revisions in your Basic package and price your packages according to your talent.

The buyer is always right, keep that in mind and follow Fiverr’s policies. Shit happens but if you’re prepared in advance you won’t be pissed a lot.

I wish you luck to get better buyers, not all are bad but seems you got unlucky with this one

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Well if fiverr puts you in that situation maybe you can tell your client that you don’t offer soft voice in your gig description and you delivered everything as promised and you were nice enough to include extra words count but as an exception you’ll make the change but only for the words that they paid for not the full script.


Rather than asking for a tip you should have sent an offer/extra for the difference. This puts them on notice you are professional and expect to be paid.

Then if you didn’t hear from them within a reasonable time sent a notice to cancel and then cancel and be done with them. That’s what I would have done. And sent them a note saying that you cannot complete an order that

  1. is not the correct payment amount and
  2. they do not respond

Then I would have blocked them.

And if I were a voiceover artist I wouldn’t offer any revisions unless I made a mistake that was MY fault, not their fault.

I would have asked customer support to cancel it without penalty to me. After all you can’t be expected to be penalized for their bad behavior.

I’m sorry this happened to you!


That’s the problem with “extra fast deliveries” as on this order.
One day is not enough for all this actions.
Either way order will be marked as late by the time of cancellation and will affect statistics or even if you reach out to CS to cancel the order it’s still up to 24 hours for them to respond and the order again marked as late
Either way you get affected. So I think @awdickson made a reasonable choice that was ok with him at that point.


I would not hesitate to contact CS and get rid of this mess then. Once I see one instance of lack of cooperation that’s it, I’m done with it.


If you cancel the order, they don’t get the work. It’s watermarked until marked complete and paid for.


How does fiverr watermark a voice over?

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I’m 99.9% sure Fiverr don’t apply a watermark to Voice Overs. It would make it borderline impossible for clients to review the work, and we’d have had someone complain about it by now if this was the case. They do this for video, but I don’t believe they do it for VO.

To the OP - The only thing I can suggest is moving forward, stand firm to what your gig says you will, and will not do. If a buyer under-orders, immediately send them an offer for the missing work. Give them 24 hours to pay for the extra work, then if nothing happens, submit the order to Customer Support and ask them to cancel for you. This cancellation shouldn’t harm your stats, and you can then immediately block the buyer.


Voice overs are unprotected on Fiverr.

Watermarks do not exist with audio and our files can be downloaded by the customer without marking the order as complete,


One thing I’ve learned on fiverr is to NEVER overdeliver. The only exception is if this is your regular buyer whom you consistently have a good working relationship with. It won’t be appreciated or noticed that you’ve gone out of your way to help out and it will be your fault in the end.

Send the extra immediately after noticing that you were underpaid. I’m not sure that directly asking for tips is ethical even in this case. Wait for as long as you can, then contact CS and request a cancellation on the grounds of a buyer being unresponsive/not willing to pay the full price. CS has been good recently with cancelling these kinds of orders without your stats taking a hit. That’s the only way to deal with it.


Voiceovers can have a faint overlay of a repeating word that is a type of watermark. So you could make two versions, one with that overlay and one without for the final delivery.

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From a self protection point of view that is possible.

But that’s a lot more work and you run the risk of the person at the other end not understanding that.

I don’t see why Fiverr can’t block customers from downloading audio files until the order as complete - streaming should be more than enough to make a decision.

Hi Fellow VA! Sorry for your bad experience, and yeah…a bad situation regardless of the choices but here’s a few suggestions to hopefully prevent the issue in the future (I speak from experience, and almost got a warning once due to a very similar issue.)

  1. Include on your FAQs or gig description that modifications are only for errors on your part or an issue with your interpretation of the directions. Also say how much any changes to the script or directions would cost after delivery.

  2. Reiterate this on your actual order requirements. Also state clearly there that any word count over the price purchased would constitute an invalid order and you will initiate a cancellation if the buyer doesn’t respond to a request to adjust the price.

  3. If above occurs, just cancel. Don’t record the script, I know it can be a hit to your stats, but it’s worth it to teach any dishonest buyers that free work is not a thing on fiverr. (and you can possible reach out to CS about the issue and they may be lenient and reset your stats in some cases).

Hope this advice helps, and best wishes resolving the current dilemma.


Being a “guest” on this website, there are only a few choices you can make. You can try to cancel and your work was in vain and you will probably feel some of the cancellation effects. You could not do it because you don’t offer that service and the client would probably cancel and you would feel some of the cancellation effects. Or you could do it exactly how the client wants, step on your pride and hope for a good review, then move on and accept the fact that “if you are the kind of person who would not do things like that, this doesn’t mean everybody you will work with will be the same.” It depends how big your pride is and how many eggs you placed in this Fiverr basket.