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When Fiverr says they can't remove a Buyers rating without their Consent, that's Crap

Fiverr makes the rules, not the buyer. So when they say they can’t remove a rating without buyer’s consent it is just another Fiverr rule that puts the screws to sellers. What will happen, Fiverr if you remove an unjust comment by a buyer? You will go to jail? What horse manure and Fiverr keeps insulting our intelligence with these flimsy excuses.

I have had negative feedback left for me on Amazon AND eBay. When I contacted them to complain about how it was unjust and malicious, they looked at BOTH sides of the story. They didn’t automatically say, "Sorry but there is nothing we can do."

I had a case here where a guy bought my “help you write a song” gig. He wanted some lyrics for a song, and he gave me the topic. So I wrote just the lyrics for a song, detailing what section would be verse, chorus, bridge, etc. Without even talking to me, he posts a negative review saying, "This isn’t what I wanted."

I wrote him asking what was going on and said he should have talked to me first. He said, “I didn’t want lyrics…I wanted a song structure.” I said, "Did you not see how each section was clearly labelled? So even if you hated the lyrics, I gave you the structure. Remove this negative feedback."

He did not respond, so I went to CS. They said they could do nothing about it.

Eventually he did reply and remove it. I was lucky. Too many of us here on Fiverr are not this fortunate.

Hi There,

Thank you for your message and I sorry to read about this experience. Following your report our Content Editors are currently looking into the user’s conduct and will take any appropriate steps. Unfortunately, we cannot remove a buyer’s feedback without their consent and I have seen that your buyer insists on his comments staying. I would wait a bit of time before trying to communicate again and asking him for his consent but once you get it, we will be happy to assist you.



I can understand that this “policy” is in place to ensure that negative feedback that is legitimately earned can’t be removed willy-nilly, but when you present evidence that the buyer has bullied or threatened you, that seems like reason enough to remove it.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I attached 7 screenshoots that showed responce time, delivery and all of his ranting and comments, also how he changed his 5 star rating and him demanding free work. What else can I do? Anything I missed?

Buyers should not be able to change their feedback once it has been left, except to change negative to positive. If a buyer is happy with the delivered product, they have no reason to change their feedback.

Reply to @mimie01: Frankly, if the current rep you’re working with isn’t helping, I’d close that ticket out and open a fresh one (you don’t want two tickets open for the same issue). It feels like the response you got was a copy and paste job, not a real answer. I’d ask again, and make sure to mention that he threatened you and that you went above and beyond to fulfill his requests. With any luck, you’ll get a different rep who is more sympathetic to sellers in general and who understands that what your buyer did constitutes abuse.

Reply to @emasonwrites: CS answer

Unfortunately, we cannot remove a buyer’s feedback without their consent and I have seen that your buyer insists on his comments staying.

So its what the buyers want, not what you can prove

Reply to @emasonwrites: yes mam, I will follow your advice. Thank you, this is what I was thinking too, looks like a copy and past job!

Reply to @mrproofreading: unless they want to blackmail you to do free work …

Reply to @mimie01: I think we’ve seen a few other instances around the forum where that’s not actually true. Sometimes, they will remove negative feedback, especially when you’ve got proof that the feedback isn’t a reflection of the quality of your work but “retribution” for not caving to threats. Really, frankly, I think you just have to get the right support rep.

Reply to @emasonwrites:

CS used to be fair and reasonable about changing feedback. In my experience, nothing currently persuades them to change it. Even orders that have been refunded don’t warrant a reversal as far as CS is concerned.

There has to be more flexibility to this. It’s simply unfair. I mean…you must be really naive to think every negative feedback is reflexting the quality of the work. Some buyers are trying to get more free work using this power they know that the feedback has over the sellers. Sometimes I wonder if Fiverr is reading the forums and looking at the same horror stories I read every day from sellers who are being blackmailed, scammed, and cheated into doing free work. Wake up, Fiverr?!

WCMAN, how did you get anyone at ebay to look at your feedback. I had someone who left me a negative, realized they meant it for someone else, but he couldn’t delete it himself.

I’d love it get it removed, if you tell me how