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When Fiverr Search Algorithm will be back to Normal?


Any update for Fiverr Search Algorithm Test? My gig is still not visible in searches and have only 1 order in the month of may. Two weeks ago when i contacted Fiverr CS they send me this message.

We’re currently running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs.

The goal of these tests is to make sure that we’re showing the best Gigs for the intended search results. For example, we don’t want to show Gigs that are not active, sellers who are on vacation, etc. We’re weighing a multitude of factors for these tests, and not just one specific aspect of a Gig.

We are constantly working to improve the marketplace, and we appreciate your patience while we work to make the marketplace even better for sellers!

My gigs are active and i never goes on vocation 100% completion rate no order cancellation still my gig is not showing. Before these tests my gig is showing on first page and i am getting daily messages from buyers. From 2nd may everything is changed new seller gigs comes to top even such gigs are showing which are new arrival or completed an order months ago. 1,2,3 rated gigs are showing. New sellers and Level 1 seller’s gig is showing on first page and mine is Level 2 and my gig is not showing anywhere. I don’t know what they are actually testing i know this issue is not with me alone. But why fiverr is not taking quick actions. Whether they don’t an have option to switch back to OLD algorithm.


No idea what’s happening, but it’s definitely bad.
The buyers requests is full of spam, the search algorithm is down, and I’ve never had less orders than now.

Let’s hope it will go back to normal.


I’m usually not one to complain about these things, but I just saw the very same gig twice in the search results :worried: Surely not how this is supposed to work.


Your best gig is on page 3 in the 10th row under the search terms:

create wordpress website wordpress design


Thanks for finding it.
my best gig was on 1st page on 7th 8th row before 2nd may for such keywords “create wordpress” design wordpress" none of my order was cancelled no negative review now there are new arrival gigs on the first page.


Own Gig key search result is different when: logged in & out


I don’t think there is a “normal.” While this testing was perhaps more radical, they have always shifted search. From other posts that were made, I assume they are doing that again to make search better for tags instead of using titles so heavily. I do see many gigs back in search in decent positions like I did before testing, so I don’t think it’s in full chaos like it was. I would still expect to see changes for a good while and I don’t think it will ever be just a static thing.


Yeah, this is ridiculous. May has been a disaster, can’t get a single proper order. And thanks to my rating I was getting a couple daily without even looking.


create wordpress website wordpress design is the title of my gig. i think no one will search for such long keywords. My gig was showing on 1st page before 2nd may on such keywords “create wordpress website” wordpress design" etc No order was cancelled or negative review.


is this normal ?


So don’t title your gigs as things no one will search for.


Yes it seems to be normal although it makes no sense to some of us with more reviews.


you are TRS it will be normal for you i think so. its not normal for fresh levels seller.


@misscrystal said that it makes no sense to people with more reviews, so that would affect a TRS more and not less in most cases. There is no “normal” at the moment.


i have checked in my category TRS and Featured gigs are showing on 1st page for almost every keyword related to my category.


The screen shot you displayed with the outlined gigs seem to be pointing out gigs with few reviews. They do not look like featured or TRS gigs.

I just did a search by “create wordpress” and I found a mix of gigs from 1 review to 1k reviews at all levels.


I think TRS and Featured gigs are showing fine from TOP Categories menu may be they will get oder form there :wink: there are too much buyers for this keyword that you also search for. I know this because when my gig was showing on this keyword. I got at least daily message from buyers. Every seller gigs which you have searched have at least orders in queue. Many of these gigs comes up after the fiverr algo. tests




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