When get a order then got a lot order at a time


When I get a Order then automatically a lot, But When I don’t get any order then I can’t get any Order. I can’t Understand What’s the reason. can You tell me about this?
This Time I get many Order continuously. But others time Don’t get…


It’s called ‘swings and roundabouts’ - nothing’s constant, everything’s always changing.

If you want to say ‘I want 2 orders a day, no less, no more’ then Fiverr’s not going to provide that I’m afraid.


Yes it happens that way for me too. I get a lot of orders in about half an hour. Then nothing for a long time.

Always. I don’t know why but it’s always that way.


Yes, and your position in the rankings will be constant the entire time. Weird.


Nothing is permanent so work hard and increase your sales.:v::v:


I think they have multiple servers they turn on and off at times. Some only show in one part of the world, or one part of the U.S. For instance they might have four servers, each one timed to the four U.S. time zones, and turn them on and off at will.

They switch on the California and European servers late at night for half an hour for me occasionally out of pity, then switch them off after I gather a few orders.

In this way they regulate our earnings.


I wonder if they might also time to advertising bursts that fiverr buys. I’ll go a month and see nothing, then 6 fiverr ads on YouTube in a 1 day period.


I’ve had people tell me they saw my gigs advertised on facebook. Of course they show the gigs people have previously looked at. So it’s possible my gigs appear on facebook or some place all of a sudden.

I really need to start asking where people saw my gigs or how they found them.


I belive only for this reason
Most of us get disabled or got warning


@sweet2 it is helpful to me to read the stats next to the gigs and see what is being viewed and what is not. Also sometimes I look up similar gigs of my competitors and find out what area they are selling in, perhaps I am in the wrong sub category !

helpful: http://blog.fiverr.com/6-marketing-tools-to-take-your-business-from-startup-to-solid-ground/


Thanks For reply,
I see You are Top Rated Seller. As you are Top Rated Seller Automatically you can get more order.


Thank You Madam for your suggest !


if I ask my client that Where you Show my gig then purchase my service, Can I asked that? or it will also be fiverr against ?


yes you can ask them that