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When hackers they by from you

Hello everyone, I’m excited today i joined fiverr 11 days ago and today i finished my first order with 5 starts lool :slight_smile:

Anyway, i have question please, when some hackers still PayPal of other people and they buy from you, but when the money is returned to the actual owner of the PayPal, does the administrator of fiverr take the money from you or what are the term and privacy for that situation!?

If funds are returned to Paypal owner, transaction is cancelled and Fiverr cancel the orders and remove funds from your account.

ok, so what about if i finished the order and i did delivered it to him? is that mean that my work will gone!!?

Reply to @walidnaceri: unfortunately yes :frowning:

Reply to @mark74: so the best thing to do is, to increase the delivery time so you make sure that this seller is not a player

Reply to @walidnaceri: No, delivery time has nothing to do with this.

If your buyer pays with a stolen credit card or proceed with a Paypal refund, you can’t do absolutely anything.

It can happen to anyone, nothing we can prevent…

Reply to @mark74: thank you my friend :slight_smile: