When I am a new seller again, and a scam buyer at my home! 🤔


Tsk :rolling_eyes:

I got an order the day before yesterday!
Completed his work according to his requirements, then he started to send modification without any reason.
I asked, why he is doing this, then the honorable buyer threatened me like this:
"If you do not cancel the order in two minutes, I will report customer support to ban your account."
WOW! Did he just violate TOS using the name of TOS? Yep! He did! I was not afraid of his threat and to show some respect to that honorable buyer; I reported CS with screenshots, that customer is threatening a seller which is a complete violation of TOS.

At last, when I explained to my buyer that I am not going to cancel the order because I did everything he asked, he started to request to do more work which wasn’t our deal. I declined his request again and pointed him the TOS, which a buyer cannot ask for free work, and it can be done with sellers agreement and extra costs.:stuck_out_tongue:

Dealing this buyer is my first time seeing modification request. I completed 49 order in less that 2.5 months without any modification request. :confused: So I was kinda frustrated but not afraid to cancel the order because he explicitly tried to abuse me and modification system by “threat.”.

Yesterday, we had a little storm in our small town,
faced load shedding,
attempted to sign in from a laptop,
warned for phone verification,
didn’t get the message for network issues,
failed to verify with code,
account got temporarily restricted,
opened a ticket to CS,
CS replied withing 45 minutes,
the account was fixed immediately.

After getting a one-star review from that buyer (what I’m expecting from him.) I was not wretched, I knew, he will do that for sure. Also, because he violates TOS, CS might remove that review, but today one of my repetitive customers inbox me, "Dude, where’s your badge?."
Then I noticed, I have no badge! I am a new seller again. :grin:
(two rough days in my freelancing experience)

Update: CS removed the negative review from my profile. :heart_eyes:


Yeah Most of the time - Support do favor buyer - And I’m sure - You’re buyer had complained about your service at support that’s why CS has removed your badges and Level - !!

You can Create ticket at Support and tell them everything with screenshot proof with honesty!! If they will find you right - Then they can recover your badges.

Otherwise Keep try to polite with your buyers always - If your buyer ask FREE work, which had not included in brought packages - you can NOTIFY your buyer with FIVERR CS too at the same time!!


Oh my gosh! I’m beside myself. What the hell?

I’m lost for words and don’t know what to say.

I’m beginning to wonder if he did a nasty private feedback or contacted CS with false accusations.

Please don’t tell me CS is going by the word of one bad buyer! :rage:


Oh, my friend such a bad time you having :frowning: Did you receive any msg about demotion about your level, if not it must be a mistake by the system. You should open talk with support team about your badge.


This could be a mistake, happened to Cy once, they took away his badge by mistake and after he contacted them and explained why he had done nothing wrong they gave it back. Contact customer support, be polite and don’t act like you are angry or bitter.


Thank you for your kind reply. I already opened a ticket as “where’s my badge?”.
Waiting for their answers. :slight_smile:[quote=“gina_riley2, post:3, topic:142715”]
CS is going by the word of one bad buyer!

@gina_riley2, sad but it is true, CS always do favors to honorable buyers. However, I am not sure, so I cannot blame CS. Heck, I don’t see a little reason to remove my badge. :triumph:

@wp_kid I didn’t get any messages/email from CS about my demotion. :frowning:


That sounds impolite, as if you are accusing them. Wrong attitude. Politeness can take you a long way, especially when dealing with any customer support.


One thing is certain, Nayeem is cool, collect and professional in his dealings.

You and @wp_kid have great points. I hope it was a mistake and he gets his badge back.


Thanks, Bahi! I explained everything politely, and you know, I love emojis,
Detail explanation and emojis take away that impoliteness from any sentences. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but don’t let this get to you. You have a good thing on Fiverr, carry on as normal.


Nothing do happen by mistake :wink: - If they do banned the ac - you can’t say- that done by mistake :sunny:

So lets wait for CS first response - They can give better details :slight_smile:

Otherwise keep work as you do - you’ll get your all badges within few days - after few delivery :slight_smile:


Sure, I will continue! :innocent:


Sorry about your experience. I commend you for standing your ground. I wish more sellers would do it and wouldn’t be so scared of a negative review. You did the work, you deserve to be paid. There are too many buyers out there who learned how to get their way around.
The demotion might have happened automatically due to the neg. review.
Don’t worry too much, your reply was perfect. Before you know it you will have your level back.


Aye aye captain! I’m standing on my ground.
I cannot tolerate a buyer who’s gonna violate TOS and abuse sellers right.
Thank you for your kind reply.
I am just wondering around and waiting for a better solution from CS. But it won’t hurt myself that much! :sunny:


Well, looks like, it is my first post on “the ranting pot.” :grin:

I feel amateur to rant on something! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Update: Got my badge back just now. Yea! :tada::tada::tada:


Delighted to hear it! :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: Good start to the Sunday morning :+1:


Now I am wondering, why people are blaming CS all day n night that they are not responsive.
Last three days, they replied me 100 times and all messed up things are now fixed! :heart_eyes:


Like you, Nayeem, I’m a big fan of CS - they must be saints to put up with us all! I’m so glad you got it all sorted. :slight_smile: