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When I can get money on first Affiliate Fiverr Program‏ [ARCHIVED]

This is my first conversion on 3/10/2015 (mm/dd/YY).

When ? I can get this money.

I’ve seen posts with vague rumors about affiliate programs for Fiverr, but nothing confirmed. I just searched the Fiverr help page and there were zero results for affiliate. I’m guessing whatever you signed up for was a 3rd party offer (maybe Peerfly or something?) and you’d have to find out from that site if it is legit and how they do payouts.

Someone else who has been here longer might know if there is an affiliate program that apparently isn’t mentioned on the Fiverr site. If there is, I sure don’t know of it.

I register on

I think that true affiliate program Fiverr

Did you ask Fiverr Customer Support about it? If not, that is all I can suggest. If it is really a Fiverr program, CS should know about it. I’d be curious to see what you find out so perhaps you can update here if you get info about it.


i have not find any think like affiliate on fiverr, can you send that link, so that i would get clear about that… i think its not fiverr part. is it ?

There’s no way this is a fiverr run affiliate program. Their log-in screen would be much more appealing and they would have made an announcement. The only way to get credit for referrals is to become a seller and use your own specific referral code that is supplied by Fiverr.

This is link affiliate Fiverr program:

I contact to support. He ask me about file invoice. I don’t know why.

Fiverr affiliate system use hashoffer. Every report that clear and true

Why he ask me about conversion?

I have a conversion on 10/3/2015 is value: 14$

But now, they don’t pay for me. Why.???

Login - Fiverr

sincere18 said: Reply to @customrapsongs: really? How did you find out?

If you look at the URL in the address bar of your browser, you will see that the is in bold. ( In this case,( That tells you the name of the actual domain that you are connected to.
It is always wise to check this if you have any doubts about being phished or otherwise have suspicions about which website or domain you are connected to.

Somehow I have a feeling it is a phishing site. I suggest you change your login details before it is too late. The website looks pretty unprofessional for a legit Fiverr subdomain. I don’t see any of the official fiverr websites using such a huge, inordinate logo.

Best thing would be to change your login details on fiverr and then put up a support request to Fiverr staff. Any request for change in your fiverr details by email might be an indicator that someone is trying to siphon off your earnings. Clicking the Email Support link lets loose a pretty cheesy form which is unlike anything on fiverr.

Someone had sent me a link similar to that in my inbox and I forwarded it to Fiverr support and it was a phishing site. Beware!!

Reply to @dockindo: it is indeed a subdomain under

Reply to @advertgoal: I think you may be getting scammed with this affiliate site. As someone mentioned it’s a phishing site, a fake site that scammers create to try and get you to enter in your account information so they can hack your account and take your money.

I agree, log out of everything, clear your cache, reboot your computer. Go directly to and log in and change your password, do not log into this site, and only try to withdraw money from your direct account. You have a Fiverr Revenues card or paypal right?

Reply to @customrapsongs: really? How did you find out? If it is a legit subdomain then can you share where it gives info about affiliate programs on Fiverr?

I would find it hard to believe that at the low prices they charge to begin with, they would want to do affiliate work. THough I do know that average price of gigs over the years has grown way beyond $5.

This is, as @customrapsongs said, a legit site from Fiverr. If anyone has any questions regarding it, please contact Customer Support.

@advertgoal, contact Customer Support again regarding your payment. The affiliate program is managed by a different department, however, Support will be able to look in to it on your behalf.

Reply to @globalva: Thanks for the info. If you have any avenue to mention this to Fiverr, it would help a lot if they were more transparent about legitimate offers. I hadn’t heard of this and from the responses I don’t think most Fiverr users have heard of this. It comes off pretty weird when it does look like a real Fiverr subdomain but there is no mention of it in the Help pages, no links to it, no mentions of it in the “News” section and so on. Again, though, appreciate the info and I hope anyone using it can actually get paid in a reasonable manner! :wink:

Thank all.

Hope so I will get money on June 1st. I will update late

It is OK. I get paid money on June 1st

Reply to @advertgoal: I would suggest contacting Customer Support. The affiliate program has nothing to do with the regular site buyers/sellers or forum.

globalva said: @advertgoal, contact Customer Support again regarding your payment. The affiliate program is managed by a different department, however, Support will be able to look in to it on your behalf.