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When I can send offers to buyer again?

I got low rating on my 1st order. After that l can’t able to send offers to buyer useing buyer request option. It is seem that “you must have atlist 90% positive rating to make new offers!”

Please anyone tall me when I can able to send offers to buyer again?
I’m attaching the screen shots of the page.

You will be able to respond to requests again when you bring your rating up. The only way to do that is to sell more gigs and get 5 star ratings to gradually pull your percentage up.

FYI, the screenshot doesn’t matter. Your public profile shows that you have lower than a 50% rating. You can try as described here but honestly a percentage in the 40% range may not be possible to recover from.

Thank you for your reply.
But If I can’t send offers to buyer then how can I sell my gig to buyer! Very sad.

Once rating is given by buyer, can it be changed?

Yes, it’s very hard. When you are so new it is sometimes better to refund the unhappy buyer before the review. You could still try to reach the buyer now and ask about that.

It’s too late to do it easily, though. If the buyer agreed now they would have to contact Customer Support and say they are willing to have the review taken off and see what CS says.

Yes, but not easily. Read above.

Thank you so much.

One question more, can I have more then one fiverr account?
I am thinking to open another account if my rating is not improved by the buyer.

No. You’d have to contact Customer Support and ask them for permission to close one account and open a new one. If you just open another account you’ll lose both accounts when you get caught.

I ask customer support to remove my rating and they do it.
But still I am unable to use buyer request tool.

Promoting gig on social network will not work for me. All the people who are connected with me will never buy any gig.

I delete my account and reopen a new account. Still no buyer request option is on ‘sell’ Tool. I am totally helpless. :frowning:

The buyer request option is now ‘Recent Available Projects’ !? Strange :o

They changed the name to avoid so many sellers mis-using it. Most of your other questions on this thread are now moot since you have a new account. The thread will be closed now. Good luck.