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When i check buyer requst


when i check buyer request its seems empty but some time have some request


Whenever you are free just check it because nowadays there are less buyers request coming.


the buyer request is very Less as usual, buyer always pick seller from search services


yes Correct… :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


It seems pretty random sometimes, but if you’re not seeing enough requests, you may need to add some more gigs in different categories.

I’ve noticed it only shows me requests that are related to what my gig’s tags/categories are.


Same problem or fiverr rolling in my profile😃


same problem with me


IF you had been demoted you have to see probably less or none buyers request per day… for me this is a punish to the seller


thanks for this
its really helpful


There is no specfic time for buyer requst.


nice but how long it take


The numbers of Buyer Requests depends on your service category, it’s demand and on some aspects. I thinks, everything will okay after a certain time period.



Yes, sometimes I feel.