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When I clicked "See More" link in the Buyer Request, no details shown

As you can see in the Request column, there is a “See more” dropdown or link to see more details about the request (see uploaded file: BuyerRequestSeeMore).


After I clicked the “See more” dropdown or link, there are no details shown and the “See more link” was gone (see uploaded file: BuyerRequestNotExpanding).


By the way this is the behavior when i am using my pc windows 10.

I’ve got the same issue. It seems to work fine in the app.

That’s a scam buyer request anyway… they don’t want the service- just the web traffic. They want you to go to that website so they can earn money from it.

The thing is, it’s like that for all requests, not just that one.

i also have same issue

What’s the problem? The first image is not showing the entire link. After you click the “show more”, the entire link appears. So it is, indeed, showing more.

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It’s showing more, but in many cases, it’s not showing the whole request.

Facing the same problem for the past 2 days its really frustrating cause I had to open my phone app every time to see the whole thing.