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When I edit my gig I have lost my ranking for recommended section

Hello everyone,

Hope everything is going well on your side. I have a question and wanna ask to get a clear answer.
% days ago my logo designing gig appeared on 1st number of recommended section and I got 15 orders in one day. All the order are on basic gig package having delivery time 24 hours. I had facing difficulty in managing these order so i edit my gig to increase delivery time to 3 days. But when I edited my gig then I didn’t get a single order on gig and now my gig doesn’t appear on first 10 pages.
Does editing of gig matters in ranking? Remember my gig had not disappeared from search even for a minutes.
Kindly share you experience. Waiting for your response.



If people can edit their gigs to make them higher in the search results, surely the opposite is true. Perhaps Fiverr thought your gig was more competitive as they value shorter delivery times. Now with your 3-day turn around, they feel as if other gigs are more worthy.


But most people (about 80-90%) in recommended section offer 7-10 days delivery for basic package.

Of course it does, it’s quite logical if you ask me.

Did you know that every change to a gig will temporarily make it disappear from search or drop rankings for 12-24 hours? That’s how the system works for some years now :wink:

You also may not be aware that the “recommended” section is prone to changes - you will never have a permanent stable position, and the “recommended” section will change over time, some will stay longer depending on their gigs, others will stay just for a bit.

Sometimes I noticed that Fiverr pushes a gig on the “recommended” section to boost its orders, then it will remove it from that section after it has received orders.


Yes i also noticed that thing.
But fiverr algorithm is for which purpose?
What about reviews in recommended section as i got 13 five star review out of 15 and 2 order are not rated yet in 2 days from recommended sections.

Search the forum for “algorithm” :wink:

I changed two words in one of my gigs and it has not reappeared yet for the last few days, and it was doing well before.



Same problem here. But can can we achieve good ranking again?

I’m not sure but I think so. I don’t usually change anything on my gigs due to this problem.

So it means fiverr gigs are prone to editing?1
Thanks for your time

But can anyone guide me in detail that how i can get my ranking again ?

I noticed that the ranking depend on buyers review but 5 stars if you get more then 50 reviews then fiverr automatically place that gig on first page

I am facing the exact same problem. Gig got demoted from page 1 of recommended section to somewhere below page 20 due to editing.

Hoping Fiverr will fix its WHAT-SHOULD-NOT-BE-NAMED.

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There’s a high chance your gig will lose it’s rankings completely after editing it. It can last a day, or several years. Seen it happen a few times to myself and a lot of times to others.

Seems to also affect recommended list. But that does change often anyways and is not semi-permanent, like when sorting by rating.

@smartseoz I got 15 orders when i was recommended and 14 out of 15 reviews are 5 star and one is still not rated.


Agree with you

@adsensewizard yes i also noticed that

The thing is that is difficult to understand how the algoritm works, I did edited my GIG just to add a video and my ranking has gone, Now no orders on several days.

To be honest I would like fiverr to f¿give a real and valid answer for this problem. because it takes times to get ranked and when you edit your GIG is to improve it, and see what happens, we auto-kill our rankings. this should happend


I think I will loose my badge because of this. and my income of course, to be honest then the edit button must be removed once you publish a GIG to not afect yourself I think

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If you edit your GIG, then your GIG lose the rank every time.