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When I edit my gig I have lost my ranking for recommended section

I’m a little late to the party, but is this only true for certain sections of the Gig?

I edited my requirements today on my product descriptions gig, and it is still on the first page, but I also have a rising talent badge, so could that be why it didn’t move?

I am still fairly new and trying to figure out this ranking thing, although the forum seems to suggest it’s a pretty top-secret or random thing that no one really understands.

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Yes! Most of the Fiverr Sellers are facing this problem (I am not out of them)! I think before we creating a Gig we should make a perfect research about our niche title, tags, description, packages and delivery time! We should make the Gig’s Perfect what will be comfortable for all time. And, when our Gig got the Rank then we will not be required to change or edit anything!

So, please make your Gig perfect first before it’s Ranking!

Happy Freelancing!


Yes you are right! This will work


Its a lesson for you. as far as logo designing is concerned, never go for 24hrs. you know its a time consuming work. so always give yourself some room. and whenever you edit your gig, it looses its ranking instantly.

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It was happens with me as well, few weeks back I was on top 10 position in recommended section, while I just added some text on gig description that I accept all countries, from next day my gig went on 2nd page on recommended section. I neither told here to someone because Fiverr has own Algorithm & it happens with everyone.

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