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When I edit my gig it doesn't appears


Hello fiverr world!
I have a question when I edit my gig it doesn’t appears where it has to be it hides and I stop getting order from that gig. Do anyone know why is that?


Dear Qamar:

The prevailing theory is that Fiverr is now manually checking your changes and re-indexing your gigs, so after changes they may disappear from the site for a day or so.

Some say they return with higher ratings, but I am unable to cite definitive data.

Possible solution: Don’t rely on internal Fiverr search results, but market your Fiverr profile yourself so you get traffic DIRECTLY to your profile and gigs.

Your mileage may vary.

Good luck,

P.S. If I’m mistaken, hopefully others on the Forum will correct me.


Thank you for your precious reply and I am hoping the gig to appear again