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When i gate 1st order?

i hope you are very well all
i want to know about my gigs when i get 1st order, i don’t receive any order still now?
thats link of my gigs


First of all, I suggest to improve your profile’s description. You mentioned a hourly rate of $7 but your gigs start from $5 for 2 hours of work. So, you should rewrite that part.
Looking at your gigs, I noticed you didn’t use accurate tags. Improve that as well, using relevant tags about your services.
Anyaway, I can assume there is a very strong competition in your field, so you should spend some time to read some vital articles like:

New Sellers …. Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


i change it now you can see this?

I can see that change.
Let’s start from the beginning:

  • Choose a profile picture according to your services (or use a personal but professional photo, where your face is visible);
  • Do not change your gigs’ description without thinking and double checking grammar. Your gigs’ description should be clear, concise and well-written in English;
  • Choose relevant tags accordingly to the services you’ll provide.
    Take some time to search fitting keywords about data entry or whatever you’re doing on Fiverr. Indeed, I’d rather delete that “five star” tag, as I suspect it could be against ToS and I’m pretty sure it is irrelevant.