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When i get 87% mark of my gig than what will i do?

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Just I sell one GIG but i am confused!! i got 87 positive mark. now i don’t sent any buyer officer. What can will i do. please anybody help me???

Your buyer tried to be a little nice by writing “thanks for the efforts” but it appears they really didn’t like the work much. They gave you lowered star ratings. You will have to find a way to get a few sales with 5 star ratings to bring your percentage up.

thanks fonthaunt

but if i don’t sent request to buyer so that how will i get order. could u answer me again Plz??

You are welcome. If you have other ideas or skills, you might add a couple more gigs to help pull in orders. Good luck!

As to getting orders you can find tons of tips if you search the forum. You’ll need to promote yourself like you would with any business. It’s competitive. You might also keep practicing and improving your English. Buyers and sellers need to understand each other well so no one is confused.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

I need your suggestion on my gig. specially Social bookmarking gig … what do you think about that gig. why it is not selling more .

It might be worth sending a quick message to your buyer, asking them if they’d like you to re-do anything so they’re 100% satisfied with the work. Tell them you’ll do it in 24h too, if possible.

Thanks to all

Exactly I wanted this answer. Many many thanks fonthaunt

Could u help me sara how will I asking them well if they’d like me to re-do anything so they’re 100% satisfied with the work??? any example plz from your iDEA???