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When I hate myself!

As I’m new to this platform, I do some web programming and IT supporting job. Today I met a buyer and support him via TeamViewer. Then when I finished my job, he suddenly said, papa went out, he’ll pay, when returns.

NB: when my job is to support remotely, I thought, buyer may have hardware problems that prevent me to succeed in my job and then they will give me bad review. So I do my job and if I accomplish perfectly then ask them to order gigs. I thought, only some south Asians are bad buyer, now a American did the same thing.
Loosing love, respect, honesty about every single people on the planet. :mask::mask::mask:

Och no - we’re not all bad!

Never do the job before the gig is ordered - you’re learning the hard way, but you must get them to order a gig before you start work. They can’t give you a bad review if they don’t order a gig from you in the first place.

Come on now, best foot forward, and stop giving stuff away! :slight_smile:

Maybe better edit your post to take out countries etc - you will offend people!


Good people and bad people are everywhere. The bad ones make good people like you be suspicious of everyone.

I’ve had to learn things the hard way on many things, including losing money. Perhaps I’ve harden quite a bit and have become bitter along the way.

Occasionally, when I see or read a good, happy story - it restores my faith.

You have every right to be upset and stay that way for awhile; but at the end of the day - I hope you can shake this off as a learning experience. That great, dream client is right around the corner that will restore your faith.

All my :heart: ,Gina


I thought the opposite. If they send order and then don’t get the desire solution, they will give bad review that I failed (though reason is hardware or physical). Actually I was thinking about myself and as long as I’m honest, everyone will be like me. HOW STUPID I AM :joy::joy::joy:

Here is a trick I always use. Try to make them feel as if the work is not finished. I had a buyer try to split without paying so I told her “I forgot one slight modification that can potentially lead to a disaster” At this time the buyer is so eager to get it fixed. So delay the response. After a few hours ask them to complete the order so that you can complete the job. Once the order does through. Extend you apologies and inform them that you had actually fixed everything.


Thank you. The thing is, I have a bad habit. I can’t stay angry or upset for too long :blush: yet I met someone I don’t wish to and pack some same experience, just from an another ignorant people.

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No @n4y33m you’re not being stupid at all.

You’re doing really well, and getting great reviews. You need to have confidence in your own abilities, and sell your gigs on your terms.

By all means discuss their problem via message before they order, but don’t do the job until they order - the reviews will come - they really will!

Good luck!


That might work. But this one is done already.
Thanks for sharing a new trick :smile::smile::heart_eyes:

Thanks​, I will do best, and never ever start doing job before order :innocent:


My trick is supposed to be used when you finish the job and feel like the buyer won’t pay up,that is why you are supposed to tell them it’s not yet done even though you have already completed the work.

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@n4y33m: I got a “buyer” today who told me to write him an article on a particular topic. I sent an invoice; he kept silent. A few hours later, he repeated his earlier message and I simply referred him to my earlier message and invoice; again silence.

The point? There will always be those who think they could get work for free. The only insurance you have is to ensure payment before service. So, once you confirm that hardware, power, etc. won’t obstruct your job, give them your fee, wait till they pay, then proceed. That is not fail proof, but it’s the best you can do.


Don’t beat yourself up, Nayeem. This is NOT a charity, and never work for free!
I’m sure you already learned a lesson. :wink:

Which brings me to this lovely art.



Thank you for explaining. I learned my lesson. I wish there was a way to mark these type of people.

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I really would not advise any seller to go by this advice. If you only do work after an order has been placed, you don’t need tricks and lies. Lying to a buyer for any reason is such a poor business practice, even if it works, the seller may be the one to experience “disaster” in the long run.


I like you Spirit working Hard but this world is made bad for good peoples by some bad peoples, I have also this type of experience in past four months ,

A guy told me that i want to share something on my TeamViewer to Make my website so much beautiful i agree with him then we start the work on TeamViewer , But he has no idea about Website, After 15 minutes i got error connection when i message him on then there was no message but on the next day when i check my account balance it was lost :cry: , So be Careful at Every Time , This World is Full of Good peoples but there are some Bad Peoples Thanks

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We are working in an international market place. We all are in same level. Being judgmental is not a good practice. anyway You have join only a month ago and got 19 five star rating with some awesome reviews by you clients. You doing great in your Bussiness.

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Thanks for sharing your own experience. I will be aware next time :slight_smile:

Aye aye captain! No free work :sunglasses:

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Good luck for next time :thumbsup:

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So what would you advice people do, If you complete an order and the buyer fails to pay up?

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