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When I Post Something which is not suitabale on Fiverr Forum People Correct me


When I Post/comment Something which is not suitable on Fiverr Forum People Correct me. I like this that anyone is helping me to improve my self. But I feel that person is very rude, who is pointing towards something… If you want to teach me…Please be polite.

When i ask suggestion only few people respeonse

I think you’ve posted things a few times where you’ve copied exactly what other posters have said, or posted things which were completely wrong, so other users have corrected you?

Other users were asking you to follow the forum rules, or were correcting you if you got something wrong as it would be a bad idea to pass on information to others if it were incorrect.

Everybody has a right to post on the forum, as you do, but please don’t copy other users, and try to make sure what you post is correct.

Good luck! :sunny:


You Are right …But i am concentrating on the behaviors …i also want to improve my self…But I like the words soft…


I didn’t read anything in reply to you which I thought was rude to be honest, just folks being honest with you, but I hope you think my words are soft enough! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes …Your words are soft and i like the way you think…:blush:


People don’t have a lot of tolerance for others who copy-paste comments without citing their sources, because that’s straight-up plagiarism. That’s more or less it. Don’t do that, and people won’t be mean (unless you do something else wrong).


People should bear things with patience and why you are mentioning Copy-Paste i am disusing it generally not only about copy-paste…


I don’t know what is going on but why keep complaining about people on the forum?


Isn’t that the specific thing you did to make others criticize you?

I can’t comment on other things, but copy-pasting comments specifically makes a lot of people mad.


Hello, Workinline!

You are exhausting too much of your energy on the wrong things. Enjoy the forum for what it was intended for; user engagement. Fiverr is a Global Community, you will interact with people from all walks of life. Don’t take things so personally, generally speaking, any advice that’s given is from people who genuinely care. The information given is based on Fiverr’s ToS and their experience.

Remember no matter the badge - it’s a learning experience for ALL of us. :sunglasses:

I encourage you to sit back, relax and join the discussions. :pineapple: