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When I Preview a Gig, Does Previewing it Count As a Click/View/Impression?

Hello community! I tried to look on the forums for this question I have, so I apologize if this has already been asked, but my question is:

When you finish editing a gig, and you preview it after editing it, or you preview it from the gig page after logging on, does anyone know if by previewing it in either one of those ways if that preview counts as a click/view/impression? Sometimes, I preview my gigs a few times just to be sure it looks the way I want once it’s published to the site, but I wasn’t sure if doing that counts towards a click/view/impression.

Also, does anyone know how often the click/view/impression statistics are updated? Is it relatively instant or are they updated at certain intervals? Thank you!



No mater how determined you are to keep doing this, the clicks you’ll generate can’t result in any order.

So why engage in a fruitless loop of vanity?

That’s if you’ll ever get a click through that method.

I doubt it.

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Well, if the views and clicks help me determine the actual traffic I’m getting from buyers, it helps me at least see that what I’m putting out there is being looked at it. If those statistics don’t reflect any of that stuff, that’s fine, I have no control over that. I understand what you’re saying about vanity. To me, it’s not about bragging how many times the gigs get clicks or views, it’s just to know that buyers are at least looking at it, and if that click/view/impression information reflects only that, or if reflects click/view/impression information and also anytime you edit or preview a gig. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, what matters to me is if that information is reflective of buyers/browsers only, or if when I edit and preview a gig, that that is also included in those numbers.


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You have your point,
Seem like my point is slightly different.

Lol, no it’s totally fine. I was just trying to be as clear as I can with the specifics of what I was communicating. I appreciate your input on it. You’re right though, because you can easily get sucked into caring about how many views and clicks you get versus the product you’re trying to sell. I just want to be sure if by me previewing my content, that if it goes towards the click and view activity, that at least I know some of that is me previewing it! Lol.


As for your first question I have no idea, but in regards to the second question. I think they usually update it after 24hours…

You can try this test: View your gig ten times in a row. Then watch your impressions and views for the coming 24 hours and see if they increase ten times.

Those stats are almost meaningless by the way. In no way do they do much if anything to help you in your quest to get sales.

Hello rebirthdesignx and misscrystal, thank you for your input! I will keep an eye out for the update cycle, and I will try that ten times test and see what happens.

Well, I’ll have to do some more research on those statistics. It seems counter-intuitive to offer a statistics page like that that doesn’t serve some kind of purpose! And, I’m not trying to utilize those numbers to judge sales, because if the product is good enough, then an order will be placed, no matter how many views or clicks. But it is good to see how much traffic you get for your gigs, given that that information reflects that, and does not reflect the times I would preview/edit my gigs. Thanks again!


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