When I publish a new gig but fiverr delete and message that I violation third party TOS


Please help me how can I avoid in this problems. All experts please help me.

Thanks all.

My Fiverr Account Is desirable. How can I get back my account?

Try creating a gig that doesn’t violate the terms of service of any website.

What was the deleted gig about? What did you offer?


If it’s the email creation gig that’s being deleted, it’ll be because you’re breaking the terms of the other providers.



Quora answer posting service


That’s spamming Quora. They don’t allow it.


But some freelancer sale that gig.


They haven’t been caught yet.

If you see someone robbing a bank and getting away with it, it doesn’t mean that it’s allowed to rob a bank.


But before I create a gig that is Youtube SEO but why delete that.


Thanks for helpful answer.


I see that you offer positive reviews in one of your gigs. Paid reviews are not allowed, and that gig could get deleted, too.

I see that you have created the Quora gig again; if you keep creating the same gig as the one that got deleted, you could get banned.

I don’t know about YouTube SEO, but I guess that something in that gig violated YouTube’s terms of service.


So I can delete my quora gig that i make again please tell me.


It’s best to delete that gig before Fiverr does it and punishes you, yes.

And then don’t create it again.


Many Many thanks for help me.