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When I search a Tag Word I used, my Gig does not come up


I just published my first gig, which is a talking dog puppet. I used both “puppet” and “puppets” in my tag words, yet when I search puppet or puppets, my gig does not display. I used “birthday”, and my gig does show-up under that search. What’s up?


Hi bradthomason.When a Gig is created or edited, it needs to go through an approval process. Your Gig is active, but it will not appear on search until it is reviewed.Just wait a little more time,and check after 24h-48h.
Hope my advice helpt you.
Have a nice day.


Thank You!!! I have been scouring the internet for an answer to this.


Don’t hesitate to ask for help .
If you need more info, just checck Fiverr Forum and Academy.There are a lot of things to be learn from there.