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When I search, how come some gigs prices are listed at a higher price than $5

Today I did a search using the term “whiteboard animation” and notice a different layout. I also noticed that some of the gig prices are listed higher than $5 dollars (see attached image). How come? I thought all gigs would be listed at the starting price of $5.

Oh…I see…it is connected to the EXTRA FAST Delivery Gig. There is still a glitch.

Lets say they are offering extra fast gig for 3 days (normal delivery is 10). So when I move the slider to 3 days in the search, it shows the total cost of the gig plus the cost of extra fast delivery.

Here’s the glitch or at least on my end it seems like a glitch. If I move the slider back to 4 days, the price should drop back down to $5, but it didn’t, it sill showed the price with the extra fast gig price.

Ahhhhh, more fiverr glitches…just what we need.