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When I see the word "Rejected" and my heart pauses for a second :P


I’ve been doing gigs at Fiverr for 3 years now, and in many cases I was able to nail the

gig at the very first try, in other cases the buyer would ask for minor changes/modifications.

I’d say 99.5% of the time when the buyers asks for a modification, they just send me a message saying

"hey, could you please change this part," and I would do it with no problem.

I’m not sure how it is with other sellers, but I rarely get the " buyer so-and so rejected your order" message.

The buyer is simply asking for a little change, so I don’t mind doing it, but I think there is just something

about the word “reject” that gets to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would simply make the changes and resend the image, the buyers gives me a nice

feedback, and that’s it, I know it’s not really big deal.

But when I see that word “reject” in my message inbox, I tend to freeze for a second!

Am I the only one??? :stuck_out_tongue:



When I see a rejected (only twice so far), I see it as an opportunity, to over deliver, make a buyer happy, get a great review and move on.



The first time that happened to me, luckily I saw the message on Fiverr first, with my buyer saying ‘I’m not rejecting the order, I just edited something that I wanted you to look over’ along with the more “official” request. Then when I checked my mail inbox and saw the notification I was stunned to see ‘rejected’ - it was the same order of course, and it had since been resolved and the gig even immediately rated, but it caused me an unnecessary moment of worry/fear.

I think it’s not only badly worded, but since some buyers do use the feature for modifications, it should either be called just ‘reject’ or ‘modification’ – or, better yet, separate the two and make it two different options! There’s a big difference to outright rejecting a delivered work and asking for a modification, regardless of reason.

I didn’t know about the changing layout of the options (though I’m not surprised) and I hope that is something that’s going to be looked over and changed, because not only does it interrupt the sellers lives, but it can cause more unnecessary waiting for the buyer.


Thank you for your comments!!

I do feel better knowing I’m not the only one with problems :smiley:

I guess I should start getting used to seeing “reject” in my message box, but

I do hope Fiverr would make some changes in the near future though!


Oh! I know, the wording is so harsh sometimes. My heart definitely drops for a sec.


First time I saw “Order rejected” in my email I got angry and started shouting “why did buyer rejected the order? What was so wrong with it?”… then I realized that buyer was just asking a modification… and I’m sure he didn’t know about rejection

Maybe this feature should be amended…


I say the same thing!!!


Reply to @mark74: Its like ouchhh lmao


I feel the same way. Buyers don’t know that we get the message “REJECTED” when they request a mod. I think if they knew that Fiverr told us we were getting the order rejected, they’re probably just ask for it without clicking the button. I think Fiverr should change that word. It’s not accurate.


I’m not sure if they don’t know - my buyer when requesting a modification specifically said “I’m not rejecting the order” - so it must be written somewhere, it might just not be very clear. Or, they’ve worked with other sellers and know the wording on our end.

I just think it’s crap that on the website they’re all nice and saying that the buyer requested a modification, but the actual notice we get in our inbox is “rejected” – is that because they think we’ll work faster to fix it if we think we’re going to lose out on our money?


Reply to @madmoo: I’ve never been a buyer, so don’t know how that “third” tab looks, but from one of my buyer’s words, he didn’t realise the “modification” request was acting like a “rejection” to the seller. So that’s a problem of mine.


Reply to @hironan: For us buyers, the options now only is [thumb up], [thumb down], [request modification]. So there is definitely nothing saying that’s a refusal…


Reply to @gonte88: that’s the reason I wrote that my buyers don’t know that’s a refusal… but for us sellers it is ;(


Every service is different, but I provide drafts along the way so the buyer is not surprised by what they get.

You can overdo this, however. I had a bad habit of messaging completed work to the buyer for feedback before I delivered it. This practice just invited the buyer to request revisions to completed work. Now when I complete the work I deliver it, even though I know there may be some rejections.

I don’t like to see my work rejected, but it is part of the process and because I have shown them results along the way it is usually very minor.

But this is important - If I have offered drafts and done revisions and then they reject and change the requirements I insist they mark the order complete and submit a new order for the requested changes. I have never had a problem with this. As sellers we have to stick up for ourselves and our work.


I actually prefer that a buyer use the “reject” button instead of in-boxing. When the buyer uses the reject button, the order goes back on my “sheet to do” list and is less likely to get overlooked. It would be nice if we had a better word than “REJECT” though… no one likes to be rejected. JS


The follow messaging needs to be fixed as well. Siiggghhh fiverr.


The message we get should be changed to a less shocking one like ‘customer request modification’.


It’s just as shocking for the buyer, I assure you. I saw it just now and my heart dropped because all I wanted was a simple modification that was part of the initial brief but I assumed that the seller simply forgot. Also, @bachas85: why should buyers have to be made to “think twice about modification” if that is exactly what is needed? Yes, there are nasty buyers out there, but there are many who are not. Everyone should remember that we need each other otherwise what are we here for? Let me remind you that a gig may cost $5, but that doesn’t mean that one gig was quoted for the job and only $5 was paid.Sellers should deliver what they agreed to on time, and buyers should be gracious and polite.No one should come on here like they’re doing any one any favors.


Reply to @bachas85: Perfect analysis =D>


I love the REQUEST MODIFICATION. I used to have trouble with things getting lost in my inbox. Now, it’s just right at the top of my list. I encourage my buyers to use it even for small issues.