When I sign into my fiver account there is nothing there!


Hi I have purchased a gig and had multiple conversations with my supplier. Often this has been via my email notification on my ipad. I have gone to my pc as I want to download my purchased ebook cover and there are no conversations coming up in my inbox etc. Its as if there is no information! no history! I have also started another conversation with someone who may turn my text to ebook format and after following the message in my email again I get to my fiverr page and all I see is his details and the tabs saying purchase etc but when I click on them nothing again! I really need to get in touch with them and download my images as I have a deadline! Anyone have any ideas? I did shut down everything and re sign in but still the same!



Try clearing your history cache and cookies and then logging in again. Sometimes works for me when the site seems buggy.


In case you are using the Google Chrome Browser, just press “Shift-F5” while fiverr.com is open and it will most likely work again. This command refreshes the Browser cache for a particular website. I am not sure about other browsers but you may easily find information on Shift F5 equivalents doing a little search on Google…

I hope that helped…

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