When I upload my profile picture it gets auto deleted


Help pls. I upload my profile picture and it gets instantly auto deleted. It is a picture of me not a fake one. Thx


Hmm, no idea. JPG/PNG works.

Animated PNGs are a no-no. Perhaps another smart :cookie: will come along with suggestions.

I pulled this from the Seller Help and Edu Center.

Profile Image
Your profile image should be unique and real. We recommend uploading a picture of yourself to add that personal touch to your profile. You can also upload an image that reflects the type of services you offer.

Do not use images from the web.
Do not use images that you don’t have the copyrights for.
Do not include “Fiverr” badges in your profile image.
Avoid using a lot of text in your profile image.


Thanks for your answer. It is JPG and yeah i read that as well from the edu center/seller help.


I tried to change mine yesterday to one I’d used before and I got the same message. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really shitty because it reduces the click on my profile/work/gigs less chance to get work for me


Eek. Sounds like a creepy crawlie :beetle:

Yw, report it to CS?


Yeah - you might want to change that word! :wink:


I reported it yesterday. Still no answer. Hope they answer tomorrow


OK, response time varies usually up to 24-48hrs give or take.


some good tips there, Thank you for sharing this.


Buddy I think it’s a problem of formate. Please check and re check it, other wise it would be a copyrihht issue or correped one please try it by refining with an editor.