When I wake up I check how many orders I got.. LOL


Hello Friends,

I remember 1 year back when I was getting few initial orders then I just woke up in the morning and checked my mail for number of orders I got…I really miss those moments…How eager I was to work when I got bucks for it.

If you got a similar story share below… :slight_smile:


Reply to lparziale:, I go into manic mode each time I get an email like that. If I get them in the morning there is a part of me who wants to call out from my day job just so I can stay home and work on family trees (I don’t but I want to)


photofiverr - yes, the very first orders were so exciting but I am still happy every time my Inbox says “Fiverr: Congrats! You just got an order from …”


HA! LOL, sure that’s a great morning ritual. How much money did I make sleeping :slight_smile: LOL


Reply to anarchofighter:, earning money while you sleep, I am all for that concept


Reply to @lparziale: Hmmm I loved those moments… :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: The word ritual really made me LOL… :wink:


Hello work? Yeah, I am not coming in today, I am spending the day on Fiverr. Cheers!

That would be a funny call!


Reply to lparziale: If I made a call like that they would say “whats a fiverr?”


Reply to @tn5rr2012: You are right. Most people really have no idea.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Ya I feel the same…Only freelancers and online geeks are aware of it


Reply to @madmoo: I guess the 18 email story occurred to me a few times…when I am really active… :slight_smile:


this is same for me . first this is do after waking up s check number of orders :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s part of the morning routine, wake up, shower, check for fiverr gigs, then off to work.


Reply to @lparziale: The same case with me . I really become happy by seeing such messages .


Reply to @photofiverr: Many people are aware of it, fiverr.com has Alexa rank 181 :slight_smile:


Reply to @photofiverr: True…lol…My mom is surprised how I earn from my drawings…


I’ve just setup my mail on my Android phone and I’m waiting for e-mail messages that an order has been made. This way I don’t have to wait all the time on the PC for new orders :slight_smile:


I checked several times a day… and yes, that includes as soon as I woke up in the morning!


I’m on fiverr all day and when I’m not I’m watching my phone for notifications and talking care of my daughter :slight_smile: