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When i want to sent buyer request i just see active one request but in bellow there is no buyer request

i don’t know what is the problem form 5 days i see the same problem when i search for buyer request its saw me one request online but there is no request and form 5 days i get no buyer request …what i do now !!

It is a bug but I don’t think it relates to the lack of buyer requests you are facing. It is common that new sellers can’t see many buyer requests as they disappear very quickly when you have no level, so I think that it is a coincidence that you have not been able to see any request in the last 5 days. Even so, this bug doesn’t represent any problem when sending an offer when a request appears. Be patient and refresh BR section every now and then, eventually, you will be able to see more requests.

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As a new/no level seller you will have limited available buyer requests. here you can’t do anything. When you get on a higher level, more BR will be available for you. To get available BR, you need to check the page frequently.

Btw nice gigs & good luck with sells.


ok !! and thanks !!!

ok will do that thanks for your comment !!