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When I will be able to raise my prices?

I have been running a translation gig for 4 months already. During this time I have earned only 500$. I am basically unemployed, this is almost only source of income for me.

My prices are as low as they can be. Competition is very tough in this field. Even with these low prices there are days and even weeks when I don’t have a single client. Whenever I raise my prices I get the tumbleweed passing by, nobody writes to me.

I have 35 of 5-starts reviews. When I will be able to raise my prices without forcing my clients to disappear? Or it’s impossible in the translation field due to competition?

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Have you considered adding more services to your profile?

Keep in mind that low prices could deteriorate some clients away so it would be good for you to level the prices with what you are offering.


I don’t have any other valuable skills, so I don’t know what other services I can add.

As I said I tried raising the prices and it lead to complete disappearance of my clients.

You could do the following:

articles in English
press release
light proofreading & copyediting

I’ve read on your profile that you graduated journalism and literary creative arts so you could do creative writing too. Maybe offer a gig to help others promote their service.

You could research, be a personal assistant, do data input,…and so on.

As you can see there is a lot of what you can do.

Finally, you could offer your clients package deal, discounts, bundle service,…


I like the wise advice you gave to him or her. Keep it up.

So do you think that I can earn more with quantity of gigs? Like setting 5$ for each one?

Thanks for ideas, I will create these gigs and see how it goes. However I don’t think that level of my English knowledge would allow me to do these things properly. But I guess I don’t have much to lose. If someone would write a bad review to my new gig, I would just delete the gig. Or people can write a bad review to my profile directly?

35 reviews - too early to think of raising prices…

What amount do I need then?

If your level of English or anything else would not allow you to do something properly I would suggest you don’t do it. It is important to be professional.


Well, I can’t be sure without trying. Maybe I can write a simple press release or an article. If something would be too hard I can cancel the order. Otherwise I will be stuck with my current poor earnings.

I put up my prices about a month ago and was very worried at first as it did get quiet for the few weeks but now I’m doing the same amount of work but for more money.

I did decide to package my gigs differently so the customer got more value.

Hand in there, you can do it!

Took a look at your gigs, have to say I am impressed. You must be great copywriter if people are wiling to pay you so much. Do you have many clients?

Thank you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Definitely, but be sure to keep up the same quality too.

No, the pricing doesn’t determine your gig quality or scope of work. I suggest raising all your prices to at least to 10$. You may wonder why? To separate you from others. In return, triple your basic package offer what you would normally do for a fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding English knowledge, simply write a note that English is not your first language, but reassure your buyers that they will receive original and unique content in return. If the price is good and the quality of content is superb than they can easily hire a proofreader to rectify your mistakes.

To be honest, I am not sure. I think that if you receive a bad review on your gig that it sticks to your profile, but again, I can’t vouch for this since I never tried to delete gig cos I never received a bad review until a week ago, first one in seven years. To top it all, it was a misunderstanding from the buyer so I refunded him back. In short, he apologized, agreed to remove a review, but Fiverr support will not remove the review despite client approval. Now, I am stuck with a review, for a project on which I didn’t get the chance to work, for a project that I refunded back client and for a project to which I cannot respond to client’s feedback since they revoked my access to leave my own review of client’s feedback thus breaching their own TOS.

What I want to say is that Fiverr system is not perfect, yet, so don’t waste your time and energy on something which hasn’t happened yet. In return, focus on your development and your freelance career.

Btw, you wrote that this is your only income. Have you considered applying to other sites? Fiverr is my third income and due to the earlier incident I had with them I am thinking about devoting my time to other areas and skipping Fiverr since I don’t like how Fiverr support deals with certain cases. However, this is not the place nor topic to discuss it.

Anyway, I learned quite a lot during the last seven years so I would be happy to share it :slight_smile: