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When i will got the order :'(

Hello Fiverrians

I am new here and i am still waiting for the order but i cannot …
give me some advice to get the order.



Promote your gig social media network daily
Buyer send requests
A buyer will soon join you
Be patient


Orders will come when they come. You can, however, improve the odds of them arriving more quickly if you engage in smart and effective marketing and promotion. Are you marketing and promoting your gig(s)?


A good read and a video for your enjoyment. :coffee:


Think like a buyer thinks. Most buyers want to be convinced to buy from you. If you can convince them, then you will soon get an order easily.
Now, you have to find a way to convince buyers. How to do it? The answers can vary, depending on what you offer them.
Doing marketing for your sales is important, but do not just show your services. You must show all the aspects you can offer that can make the buyer convinced to buy from you. Again, think like buyers think.
Good luck with your gigs!

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Regular send Buyer Request

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