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When i will have first sale?

Hello. I have a new seller question . I know there is no specific answer to that but how long can somebody wait until gets his first sale? Thank you all in advance.


Like you said so yourself, there’s no definitive answer.

Your mileage may vary.

But as a general rule that applies to all newcomers: if you create a gig and it does not perform well, you need to start tweaking instead of just waiting for something to happen.


I totally agree. I just uploaded my gig and i have good views. Is this a good sign?



All new gigs get some exposure immediately.

If you don’t get any conversions or even inquiries soon though, is a sign that there’s room for improvement.

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Well then i guess the first sale is the hardest to be, right?

Sure, that’s definitely one way to look at it.

Can people actually make a living out of fiverr?

Yes. Most definitely.

Not everyone makes it though. Nothing is guaranteed.

If you offer something unique, add value and value customer service, you have a good chance.

But it all starts with your offerings. So you may need to start there.


Right. Thank you so much for your.information.!!!

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Your work looks really good. I hope you get your first sale soon.

Sadly, I don’t run a clothing company, or I’d favourite you!

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