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When i will receive email notifying me that the card is shipped to my address


Hello there. I want to know that whether my fiverr revenue card is sent out for shipment or not. When i applied for the card, the page said that they will review my application and will send me an email notifying me that the card is being shipped to my address or not. I know that the shippment may take more than a month but i just want to know that whether the process is started or not. I am from pakistan. Kindly tell me that how i will know that the card is sent for shipment. Its being a week since i applied for the fiverr revenue card. Do let me know


Login to your Payoneer, you will see the Possible Shipment/Arrival date on the Dashboard.


There is no arrival date mentioned on my dashboard


Why not ask Payoneer support?

Please stop adding to old threads BTW - you’re resurrecting zombies! :zombie::zombie::zombie: