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When I would be able to send new offer again?

As my client’s review did not meet 90% so I can not send new offer​:cry::cry:. How long it would be continue; certain time or next review? Can anyone tell me plz?



It’s an unpleasant situation. Some say you need an average of 4.7 rating to get the ability for sending tickets again .
All you can do is to have buyer’s to come across your gig sites and order directly or boost up that chance by promoting your gig’s on social media sites.
If you’re lucky to have some 5 stars again it should be fine.
Best wishes!


Thank you for your mgs. Really I am confused now I am lucky or not in Fiverr. Seller punished by both sides (buyer & Fiverr). It’s very unfortunate Valon. Anyways thank u once again.


You’re welcome, good luck and never give up. :+1:

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I think you just need 4.5 stars avg (90% of 5).


Really? It’s even better.

Thanks for clarifying!

Edit: who edits always my posting if I’d like to quote someone? :thinking:

The system automatically does if you quote the whole post. If you quote part of the post it will accept it.


I see, thank you, this was helpful, because this happens a lot. Now i know. thx, Uk1000


alright :smile:

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I had 4.9 but one client gave me 2 star. So now it is 4.2. I was shocked to see the reviews.

So you probably just need 2 or 3 more 5 star reviews (depending how it rounds it) and then you’ll probably be able to send offers to buyer requests.

eg. 2 more 5 star reviews (for 4.45 avg) or 3 more (for 4.529 avg)

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