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When impression starts to drop, it keeps going down

i think this is the most common issue for everyone. though most of us don’t know how to deal with it. here is my story- i completed all the orders with a five-star review. no late delivery, no order issues. but suddenly one day I saw a huge impression drop. and that’s it. the impression is down for two months. i found no way to increase it. need expert’s advice. it will be very helpful for all of us. thanks


I’ve been on the same page, my impressions started to fell down the past week, but even with that drop I still got new orders so I don’t give too much importance to impressions. If you still get orders don’t worry mate!

yeah, i agree. but i haven’t got new order since then. besides if the impression and clicks fell down the gig starts to move back from first page.

I never look at my impressions! No point, I look at actual clicks. This is when someone has actually viewed my profile or a gig.

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yeah, that’s right but if you notice carefully you will see that impression and clicks are related. anyway i am trying to say that the gig just fell from first page to last in a day. is this natural or there are any reason behind it?

Impression are more “important” when:

a) You introduce a new gig
b) You have made several changes to existing ones

You want to let people know and be informed of what you offer lately.

Am I wrong?

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i hardly get click in my gig also. the gig is old enough and already has enough review. and the disaster is on me for last 2 month. it was on first page for 3 month and suddenly this happened.

Hi @galib_bd I am facing this same issue

if you find any solution let us know. it will be very helpful

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i think its happen to all. Today analytics showing zero for all of it (impression, clicks).

it’s frustrating. isn’t it?