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When is a message actually spam?

I received a message from a buyer that’s:

“We are currently recruiting Trainers, Full Timers and Freelancers for our Upcoming Short and Feature Length 2D Amination movie. I was wondering if you would be interested in making an impact in a start-up Animation Production Company. You may send us a comprehensive Profile, Skill and Portfolio. A short animated video where your skill is showcased will be an added advantage. You may also visit our website at (blank) for more information.”

I’m not sending them anything because it looks like they want to recruit people outside of Fiverr, which as far as I know it’s something Fiverr doesn’t allow.
I’d just like to know if I can report this as a spam or not. Also, this account was created this month.

(I searched directly the name of said company and it looks like it exists, but I find it weird the way the message was written).

Speaking of which, how to actually respond to messages like this? Because if you don’t your awnser rate goes down :frowning:


It sounds like one of those “we are ace but want you to work for free, we’ll give you lots of exposure and promise paid work in the future” types.

“Thanks for your message but I’m really busy with paid clients right now, if you’d like to become one please check out my profile and order the gig which is best suited to your needs”

It’s a polite way of saying “buy now or go away”.